Trifles and The Trysting Place


October 2, 1923


Turner Hall

Synopsis - Trifles

“Trifles” is a murder mystery that explores gender relationships, power between the sexes, and the nature of truth. While the men bluster and tramp the farmhouse looking for clues, the women discover bits of evidence in the “trifles” of a farmer’s wife-her baking, cleaning and sewing. Because the men virtually ignore the woman’s world, they remain blind to the truth before their eyes.

Synopsis - The Trysting Place

Four couples simultaneously rendezvous in the same hotel lounge, but the situation is humorously complicated before each man meets his proper partner. A classic, well-made comedy by one of the era’s most popular writers, Booth Tarkington.

Trifles - Author: Susan Glaspell
The Trysting Place - Author: Booth Tarkington

Historian’s Corner

These two shows represented the formal start to a full season’s slate of productions. The two shows were selected to represent the counterbalance with tragedy and comedy in their most striking forms, thereby bringing us close to the stuff of which life is made.