Lombardi, Ltd.


February 8 & 9, 1934


Majestic Theatre


Tito Lombardi is one of those rare male milliners who cares more about his “dressmaking art,” than he does about money. Nora Blake, Tito’s assistant loves him, but his affections are for Phyllis Manning, a showgirl. Not only does the showgirl leave Tito, but the disappearance of a theatrical producer who owes Tito thousands of dollars for costumes brings him to the brink of bankruptcy. Tito’s mercurial Latin temperament, and a happy turn of fortune saves the day.

Authors: Frederick and Fanny Hatten

Historian’s Corner

The antique furniture in the showroom set was furnished by Mr. Edward H. Davison who also plays Tito Lombardi. Another interesting aspect of the play was an advanced showing of spring fashions during the course of the play. Mrs. Bernice Cox was costumer and also designed some of the gowns in the play.