Let Us Be Gay


May 7 & 8, 1931


Illini Theatre


Kitty Brown divorces her husband, Bob when she learns that he has been involved in an affair. Kitty moves to Paris and returns home after three years, a changed woman. Kitty has been invited to a party at the home of a friend, Mrs. Boucicault to help break up a flirtation between Mrs. Baucicault’s granddaughter, Dieredre Lessing and Kitty’s former husband, Bob Brown. No one at the party realizes that Bob and Kitty once knew each other. Soon difficulties arise when Kitty tries to ignore Bob, and he comes to realize that he still is in love with her. The play ends happily as Kitty and Bob are reunited.

Author: Rachel Crothers

Historian’s Corner

A questionnaire was distributed to both night’s audiences. A list of over twenty available plays was listed and patrons were asked to list their top four choices in order of preference. Patrons were also asked about the advisability of producing a Shakespeare play and if so, which one. It was announced at the last performance that over 4,000 people had seen all four plays that season. There were about 800 season ticket holders at the end of the season.