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Announcing the cast of Lessons From Broadway: A Musical Review Vol. 2!

Thank you to all of the wonderfully talented kiddos who came out to audition for this year’s Summer Camp! We are so excited you are spending part of your Summer here at Community Players Theatre, and helping us put on Volume 2 of Lessons From Broadway: A Musical Review!! Congratulations to our cast!!

Joselyn Hauck

Joelle Roberts

Natalie Haushalter

Ella Mueller

Bailey Kozlen

Elijah Johnson

Dylan Reed

Chloe Seiders

Natalie Brooks

Jaron Zehr

Cameryn Miller

Gabe Hackney

Asa Lotz

Kai Bailey Smith

Amy Dederich

Lily Evans

Faithe Streily

Nick Sleevar

Myrissa Wiggins

Ava Peterson

Lily Kirvan

Katie Price

Kylee Hoffman

Maggie Easter

Gabby Streily

Riley Christian

Madalynn Uribe

Sophia Johnson

Micah Johnson

Noah Roberts

Anya Kirvan

Lukas Prahl

Lexi Mills

Paige Chernick

Haley Seiders

Mary Hall

Lily Miller