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Announcing the Cast of Sister Act!

The staff would like to thank everyone who came out to audition for all of their hard work and energy and is excited to get to work with this talented group!

Performer – Character

Latrisha Green – Deloris Van Cartier
Sharon Russell – Mother Superior
Sarah Bertram – Mary Robert
Maggie Paloucek – Mary Patrick
Jen Maloy – Mary Lazarus
Scott Myers – Monsignor
Archie Wilson – Eddie
Opal Virtue – Mary Martin of Tours
Juliet Wright – Mary Theresa
Charles Andrews – Curtis
Billy Blue – TJ
Paul Vellella – Joey
Joe Culpepper – Pablo
Felicia Jardina – Tina
Daija Nealy – Michelle
Jay Hartzler – Ernie
Christie Vellella – Nun
Kallie Bundy – Nun
Kayla Smith – Nun
Grace Winterland – Nun
Patti Wood – Nun
Reena Rhoda – Nun
Elaine Hill – Nun
Amy Barlin – Nun
Darlene Lloyd – Nun
Ali Lockenvitz – Nun
Anthony Overton – Ensemble
Darraugh Griffin – Ensemble
Jeff Ready – Ensemble
Wendi Ayers – Ensemble
Christina Dean – Ensemble
Sage Brown – Ensemble