All My Sons

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July 17 & 18, 2017 @ 7:00pm

August 31, 2017

September 1-3 & 8-10, 2017

Preview, Friday & Saturday @ 7:30pm • Sunday @ 2:30pm

A gripping timeless classic by a master playwright. Taking place in 24 hours this play explores the father son dynamic and the corruption of the American Dream. They look like a mid-century american success story. Joe runs the business, Kate runs the home, and their son will inherit it all. But there is something rotten in the Keller household and secrets have a way of getting out. In the years following World War 2 the Keller’s wait for their MIA son Larry to turn up alive. No matter how unlikely his return, Kate cannot give up hope.

A compelling portrait of flawed captivating characters, All My Sons was Miller’s first major success and it’s politics and impact remain as relevant today as ever. Originally directed by Elia Kazan and produced by Kazan and Harold Clurman, it won the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award, beating Eugene O’Neill’s The Iceman Cometh. In 1947 it won the Tony awards for best author and best direction, also winning best revival of a play in 1987.


Auditions – July 17 & 18, 2017 @ 7:00pm 

Preview – August 31, 2017
Performances – September 1-3 & 8-10, 2017
Preview, Friday & Saturday @ 7:30pm; Sunday @ 2:30pm

Casting Arthur Miller’s drama All My Sons, the first production of the Community Players Theatre 95th season. The cast requires five men and four women. The play concerns a middle-class family during the first few years following World War II. Miller describes the play as a conflict between private and public morality. Joe Keller, a manufacturer of parts for airplanes, has shipped out faulty equipment and that action has rebounded against his own family. The hermetic seal around the family is destroyed as Keller tries to resolve the conflict between being not only the father and family provider but a successful business owner as well.

ROLES (Actors need not be the age listed, but must be able to play that age):


  • Joe Keller, Age: 60s – Joe is a self-made businessman with the imprint of the machine-shop worker and boss is still on him.  When Joe reads, speaks or listens, it is with the concentration of an uneducated man whose judgments must be dredged out of experience and a peasant-like common sense.
  • Chris Keller, Age: Early to mid-30’s – Like his Dad, solidly built, a listener. A young man capable of immense affection and loyalty.
  • George, Age: Early to mid-30’s – An extremely angry young man fighting for self-restraint as he interacts with the Keller family.
  • Dr. Frank Bayliss, Age: Nearing 40 – A wry self-controlled man, he’s an easy talker but with a wisp of sadness that clings even to his self-effacing humor.
  • Frank Lubey, Age: Early to mid-30’s – Pleasant, opinionated man who uncertain of himself, with a tendency toward peevishness when crossed, but always wanting it pleasant and neighborly.
  • Kate Keller, Age: 60s – Married to Joe over 30 years, Kate lovingly cares for her family but is not always conscious of how Joe’s actions affects others.  Kate is in denial about her missing son’s fate.
  • Ann, Age: Late 20’s to early 30’s – Ann is the gentle girl next door trying overcome the loss of her first love.
  • Sue Bayliss, Age: 40 – Headed into middle age while wishing she was younger.
  • Lydia Lubey, Age: Late 20’s – A robust, laughing neighborhood girl.


Director – Bruce Parrish
Producer – Kathy Parrish